Development of early-stage clinical and pre-clinical assets:

Neurolixis is developing a platform of early-stage drug candidates targeting serious CNS diseases with unmet medical needs and sizeable market opportunity. Compounds are based on the concept of serotonin 5-HT1A receptor "biased agonism" which enables drugs to more precisely target specific brain regions controlling CNS disorders.

NLX-112, is undergoing a Phase 2A study for the treatment of movement disorders, notably L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia, a side-effect of Parkinson's disease treatment.

NLX-101, is a Phase I drug intended for treatment of autism spectrum disorders such as Rett's syndrome and Fragile X syndrome, serious genetically-encoded orphan disorders. 

NLX-204 is the lead novel chemical entity from the drug discovery program. It is a candidate for development as a potential rapid-acting antidepressant or analgesic (non-opioid mechanism).



All drugs or therapies will be subjected to rigorous testing under applicable law and approval by regulatory authorities, including the FDA, prior to marketing and sale.


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