Ronan Depoortère, PhD

Director, Pharmacology


Dr. Depoortere has twenty five years of expertise in pharmaceutical research as a team leader and pre-clinical neuropharmacologist, with a deep knowledge of multiple pre-clinical experimental and pharmacological paradigms and in-depth insight into the discovery and characterization of exploratory molecules and development candidates. He has actively participated to the identification and pharmacological profiling of novel antipsychotics, antidepressants and analgesics at Synthelabo (now part of the Sanofi conglomerate) and at Pierre Fabre Laboratories, before joining Neurolixis, a neuroscience-based venture, with the position of Director of Pharmacology. He has extensively interacted with preclinical research teams: medicinal chemists, in vitro pharmacologists, neurochemists, electrophysiologists, toxicologists and ADME researchers. He has also participated in project teams with clinicians, regulatory affairs specialists and resource planning managers, and has gained knowledge in novel target identification and validation. He has experience in team management (total of 7 PhDs and 15-20 technicians during the entire period). Finally, Dr. Depoortere has wide experience in the field of scientific writing, having published about 60 articles (or book chapters) in international peer-reviewed journals, over 100 posters for congress presentation and oral presentations, as well as numerous research reports. He has also acted as a referee for about 10 international scientific journals and reviewed around 80 manuscripts.