Preclinical data on Neurolixis projects will be presented at this month's ACNP (American College of Neuropsychopharmacology) and BPS (British Pharmacological Society) meetings. At ACNP, Prof. Luc Zimmer will report brain imaging data on the Neurolixis 'biased agonists', NLX-112 and NLX-101, showing that they differentially target-HT1A receptors in specific brain regions. At BPS, Dr. Ana Abdala Sheikh, will describe results from transgenic Rett syndrome mice showing their breathing deficits are diminished when treated with NLX-101. Overall, the observations support Neurolixis' CNS drug development programs: NLX-112 for dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease and NLX-101 for respiratory dysfunction.

Simultaneous PET/MR Imaging for the Exploration of Serotonin 5-HT1A Receptor Biased Agonists
Vidal B, Fieux S, Redouté J, Le Bars D, Newman-Tancredi A, Costes N, Zimmer L
ACNP poster W166, Wednesday 6 December 2017, Poster session 3, 5h30 PM

NLX-101 ameliorates responses to hypercapnia in a mouse model of Rett syndrome
Abdala Sheikh A, Charles I, Koolen L, Varney M, Newman-Tancredi A
BPS poster PB082, Tuesday 12 December 2017, Poster session 5 PM