A new study on NLX-112 tested its effects in marmosets with Parkinson’s-like symptoms. The marmosets had developed the side effect of dyskinesia in response to L-DOPA treatment, in a similar way to many people with Parkinson’s. The results showed that NLX-112 successfully reduced dyskinesia and, crucially, did not significantly reduce the effectiveness of L-DOPA, which many other similar drugs do. When NLX-112 was used on its own (without L-DOPA), it again improved movement problems. These promising results suggest that NLX-112 has potential as a future treatment for not only reducing dyskinesia, but also for improving the movement symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Adrian Newman-Tancredi, CEO of Neurolixis commented, “We are excited that NLX-112 has shown such positive results. If the striking preclinical data are reproduced in clinical trials, NLX-112 could significantly alleviate the troubling dyskinesia that prevent many Parkinson’s patients from performing routine daily tasks, thereby improving their quality of life.”

Full Press Release: Promising drug could treat Parkinson's
Full publication:  Neuropharmacology Vol. 167, 1 May 2020

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