Neurolixis CEO, Adrian Newman-Tancredi, PhD, DSc, was interviewed for an online event supported by the FRAXA Research Foundation and sponsored by WuXi AppTec. Dr. Newman-Tancredi commented Neurolixis' development of a novel treatment for Fragile X syndrome (FSX), a debilitating genetic orphan disease. Neurolixis is characterizing NLX-101, a small molecule Novel Chemical Entity, as a potential treatment for FXS. Recent data presented at the Gordon conference (Tuscany, Italy) showed that NLX-101 strongly protected transgenic Fragile X mice from audiogenic-induced seizures and lethality. Taken together with previous data on NLX-101's influence in animal models of mood and cognition, the new results suggest that it could constitute a promising treatment for several autism spectrum disorders, including FXS and Rett syndrome (see previous news). 

NLX-101 is in early Phase 1 clinical characterization and Neurolixis is looking for collaborative partnerships to support its development. 

See a video highlight of Adrian's interview on YouTube, together with a series of other interviews on Fragile X syndrome.
For a full transcript of the interview, see here.



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