Neurolixis SAS, the French subsidiary of Neurolixis Inc. based in Castres, near Toulouse, announced today that it had been awarded 'Jeune Entreprise Innovante' (JEI; literally 'Young Innovative Company') status by the French Public Finances Directorate. The JEI status is only awarded to recently-created companies that commit a substantial proportion of their resources to innovative research and development activities. Companies with JEI status benefit from various incentives, including tax reductions and exoneration from some social charges on employees' salaries. The application by Neurolixis SAS for JEI status was vetted by the French Ministry of Research and concerns the clinical development of 2 drug candidates, NLX-112 and NLX-101. Neurolixis is developing these drugs for the treatment of Parkinson's disease and for Rett syndrome, respectively. The acquisition of JEI status by Neurolixis SAS will facilitate its biomedical research activities in France and in Europe.

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